Working With Gout
Spiro Koulouris
Spiro Koulouris
July 10, 2018
Living with gout can be incredibly debilitating at times, even while at work. Spiro shares his own advice about working with gout a little more easier.

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What Is Gout

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding What Gout Is (and Isn’t)

What is gout? Gout is a condition caused by a buildup of uric acid in the body either because there is too much or the body is excreting too little.
by Spiro Koulouris on June 12, 2018
Gout and Alcohol

Pros, Cons, and Precautions to Take With Gout and Alcohol

Before you join in on happy hour, consider how gout and alcohol interact, and whether or not the risks outweigh the benefits of a tipple now and again.
119 found this helpful by Spiro Koulouris on January 2, 2018
Gout in Elbow

What You Need to Know about Elbow Gout

Gout in the elbow is rare but usually seen in people who have lived with gout for many years or whose gout isn’t well managed.
by Lana Barhum on June 7, 2017
Sleep Apnea and Gout

What’s the Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Gout?

If you have gout and you wake up exhausted on a regular basis, it is possible you have sleep apnea. Learn more on how to manage sleep apnea and gout.
212 found this helpful by Krystina Ostermeyer on August 30, 2016
Infographic gout and anxiety infographic

How to Ease Your Anxiety Right Now

Many chronic illness sufferers experience anxiety. It could be a pre-existing condition, but in many cases it is due to their pain and stress.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on April 26, 2016
Possible Gout and Kidney Complications

Understanding the Connection Between Gout and Kidney Problems

Gout and kidney issues are quite common. Learn how gout, uric acid and kidney function are related to protect against painful, damaging complications.
26 found this helpful by Angela Finlay on April 4, 2016
Symptoms of Gout

Origins, Types, Signs and Symptoms of Gout

Gout is a painful arthritis characterized by the presence of hard crystals in synovial fluid. But what are the symptoms of gout? Find out here.
191 found this helpful by Patricia Bratianu on March 8, 2016
Gout and Pseudogout

Are There Differences Between Gout and Pseudogout?

Gout and pseudogout both are known joint diseases that are caused by crystal formation.
47 found this helpful by Yvonne Banks on February 4, 2015

How Dehydration Interferes with Gout Management

Living with gout is no picnic, and dehydration can make things worse. Find out why gout and dehydration don't mix, and some ideas for keeping hydrated.
78 found this helpful by Angela Finlay on January 28, 2015
Gout and Eye Problems

Understand the Link to Gout and Eye Issues to Avoid Complications

Although gout affects primarily the joints, it is possible that the uric acid excess can build in other tissues as well, including the eyes.
91 found this helpful by Brenda Vanta on January 20, 2015
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