How Proper Nutrition Can Help Prevent Gout Attacks

Try These Great Foods for Gout

Eating a healthy diet is a must for people who suffer from gout. While medications can help to relieve suffering, proper nutrition is needed in order to minimize crystal formation and support healing of tissues.

Eating the recommended foods for gout sufferers does much more than relieve disease symptoms. By eating a primarily plant-based diet, rich in fruits and vegetables while low in foods filled with empty calories, health is optimized.

The dietary recommendations for gout are also beneficial for the health of the entire human body. Cholesterol levels may decrease and heart and circulatory ills may be prevented.

Most experts today know that inflammation is involved in the occurrence of most major diseases. By reducing inflammation from gout and eating an anti-inflamatory diet, every organ’s health is optimized. Energy levels may be enhanced and it will be easier to maintain a healthy weight.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, it is essential that people who have gout drink plenty of water in order to dissolve and flush out uric acid crystals.

Through implementing a healthy eating plan, over time you may no longer need medication for acute flare-ups. If flare-ups should occur, they are likely to be less painful and debilitating. Joint health may be maintained and deformity will be less likely to occur if a proper diet is maintained.

A number of fruits and herbs are especially beneficial in the treatment and prevention of gout while promoting the health of the entire body as well.



Research indicates that cherries offer many healing benefits for people who suffer from gout. Since cherries possess a very alkaline pH, they neutralize uric acid – the pain-producing crystals are unable to form readily within joints. In addition, cherries contain rich supplies of plant-based compounds called phytochemicals. The phytochemicals in cherries reduce inflammation and support healing.

Cherries are also good source of iron, needed for the health of the blood, liver, and endocrine systems, and aids elimination. This is important because proper elimination is needed for the body to rid itself of excess uric acid. Uric acid crystals are dissolved and eliminated primarily through the urinary system.

Fresh cherries are best, however they are often available for only short periods and can be expensive. Frozen cherries are often more economical and readily available. For convenience, concentrated, unsweetened cherry juice may be purchased at natural food stores.

Cherries or cherry juice should be consumed several times daily. Organic, dark-colored varieties are best.

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