Explain Gout With the Spoon Theory


Understanding the Spoon Theory

Living with a chronic illness like gout is a struggle, and even explaining your condition to others can be incredibly difficult. People have a hard time understanding if they can’t see visible signs of illness.

Christine Miserandino was trying to explain what it felt like to have lupus to her friend when she thought of an explanation now used by chronic illness sufferers everywhere.

Using spoons to illustrate the effort it takes to get through the day with lupus, she was able to explain her condition in a way her friend could understand.

The spoon theory has connected with so many that there is now a following of people with chronic illness, who refer to themselves as “Spoonies.” You can find Spoonies all over the internet, sharing experiences with fellow chronic illness warriors.

Gout and the Spoon Theory Infographic

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NewLifeOutlook TeamNewLifeOutlook Team
Mar 7, 2016
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