Helpful Tips and Advice for Traveling With Gout

Gout While Traveling

How to Stay Safe With Gout While Traveling

Gout attacks during trips can be a very unfortunate and painful experience.

No one desires to endure such pain. It is a source of misery that can ruin your entire trip and even if you were on vacation, you may miss the pleasures of your vacation due to the painful gout attacks.

However, if you are a gout sufferer, then all is not lost as there are a number of ways you can use to avoid gout attacks during your travels and continue with your trips just as usually without any pains.

It calls for having the right information on how to properly prepare for travel, how to avoid in-flight attacks, and how to carry yourself out, including what foods you should take once at your travel destination.

Briefly, let us have a look at each of these components into some more detail.

Preparing for the Trip

The travel preparations you make when you are a gout sufferer will determine whether or not you will have increased chances of getting attacks during the trip.

At every stage of the preparation or the planning, you must have the condition in mind and not make any arrangements which might lead to unwanted triggers.

As part of your preparation, you should have a clear idea of what you intend to do in your travel destination as this will have a direct impact on the kind of lifestyle, with special consideration to mobility once you are there.


This knowledge will also give you an idea of the possible foods you may interact with and definitely, you know there are certain foods you must avoid or consume in moderation if you are suffering from gout.

For instance, if you are flying out to attend a graduation party, then you are likely to encounter a lot of foods and alcoholic drinks, which you must choose wisely if you want to avoid attacks during the trip.

On the days before you make the trip, it is highly advised that you be active and get involved in regular workouts as this is very vital for gout management and reducing the instances of attacks.

You must also watch very keenly what you eat and avoid all the common foods considered as known triggers for gout.

You must remember that gout is a very painful experience and the best you can do to prevent attacks while traveling is to prepare adequately.

Additionally, you must remember to carry any gout medication you may be having at the time of travel.

Don’t be like me and forget your gout medication like I did for a Caribbean cruise and once I got back, I got a painful gout attack on my big toe which lasted for days.

Don’t fall for the temptation to leave them behind hoping that you will buy them again once you reach your destination. Be sure to get a prescription from your doctor to avoid unnecessary scrutiny at the airports.

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