What are the Best Smoothies to Include in Your Gout Diet?

What are the Best Smoothies to Include in Your Gout Diet?

Smoothies for Gout

The best smoothies when you have gout are the ones that can calm down the gout and increase the excretion of uric acid. So here’s a little quiz to see if you know the foods that should be in your gout diet plan to do exactly that!


Check off all the foods that could potentially reduce uric acid levels, either directly or indirectly.

Coconut Avocado
Protein Powder Egg
Yogurt Kefir Milk
Swiss Chard Dandelion Greens
Carrots Celery
Pomegranate Figs
Pears Bananas
Lecithin Nutritional Yeast
Cauliflower Wheat Germ Oil
Parsnips Almonds
Flaxseeds Hempseed Powder
Ginger Onions
Oranges Kiwi
Tangerine Pineapple
Cheese Chlorophyll
Spinach Kale
Pumpkin Seeds Chia Seeds
Tomatoes Berries
Grapefruit Melons
Red Bananas Mango
Green Powder Mix Broccoli
Cottage Cheese Probiotics Capsule
Walnuts Macadamia Nuts
Parsley Cilantro
Garlic Apples
Lemons Limes

Here are your answers:

Coconut Avocado
Chlorophyll Spinach
Dandelion Greens Carrots
Berries Pomegranate
Melons Pears
Mango Lime
Cauliflower Probiotics Capsule
Cilantro Ginger
Apples Oranges
Tangerine Pineapple
Kale Swiss Chard
Celery Tomatoes
Figs Grapefruit
Bananas Red Bananas
Green Powder Mix Broccoli
Parsnips Parsley
Onions Garlic
Kiwi Lemons

Of all these answers, you see that they are primarily fruits and vegetables. Fruits cleanse the body and vegetables build the body while also providing extra fiber that can decrease uric acid levels by binding with the uric acid to excrete it.  Many fruits are also high in vitamin C, which makes a direct influence on the uric acid, decreasing levels.

Smoothie Guidelines for You

How can you make a smoothie out of some of these fruits and vegetables and what are the guidelines? Take a look at them below.


  1. Strive for five or more fruits and vegetables in your smoothie. Some examples are:
    1. Orange, pineapple, dandelion greens, green powder mix, probiotics, and spinach
    2. Cantaloupe, pineapple, ginger, celery, kale, spinach, broccoli
    3. Blueberries, apple, spirulina, Swiss chard, avocado, coconut
    4. Apple, figs, kale, celery, spinach, mint, green powder mix

If you can get five servings of fruits and vegetables, this will boost your level of fruits and veggies up to about 9 per day, a level that exceeds what greater than 50% of the population is currently getting. You’ll feel much better, your body will operate much more efficiently, and you should have fewer gout attacks.

  1. Stay away from any food or beverage containing high fructose corn syrup. Never sweeten your smoothie with this fake sweetener, as it causes gout.
  2. Count your carbohydrates in the smoothie you are preparing. Leave the level of carbs down to 15 to 22 grams carbohydrates with a maximum of 30 grams. Anything exceeding this level might contribute to acceleration of gout and an exacerbation.

Keep a log of your smoothies and how often you have gout. You’ll find a direct connection with the amount of fruits and vegetables you have in your diet.

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