Benefits of Drinking Juice for Gout

Benefits of Drinking Juice for Gout

Juice for Gout Pain Relief

A combination of conventional treatment and dietary approaches can prevent the buildup of uric acid crystals which cause joint deformity and pain related to gout. Some of the best foods to include in your diet are fruits. Juicing affords you the opportunity to consume concentrated amounts of the beneficial ingredients from fruits which have been proven to reduce symptoms of gout.

Cherries Make the Best Juice for Relieving Gout Pain

If you suffer from gout, the most important food that you can eat is cherries. The best juice for you is cherry juice.

When you have gout, uric acid crystals build up in your joints. The crystals are responsible for joint deformities and pain. Cherries are a highly alkaline food.  Since cherries are alkaline; they neutralize uric acid. As a result, uric acid crystals do not form in your joints. If uric acid crystals are already present; they dissolve. Eating cherries and drinking cherry juice will result in you experiencing less pain and deformity.

Sweet, delicious cherries are wonderful when eaten fresh. However, their season is short; and they are usually expensive. Fresh cherries do not store well on a kitchen counter or in a refrigerator. However, they are easy to freeze.

You may decide that drinking cherry juice is more convenient, and affordable than consuming fresh cherries. Drinking cherry juice gives you the opportunity to consume concentrated amounts of the healing compounds contained in cherries.

Cherry juice is available for purchase year round; or you may choose to make your own juice. By making your own juice, you will be able to choose whether or not you want a clear juice, or one that retains fiber. I recommend that you keep the fiber in your juices. Fiber offers many health benefits. It assists with the removal of uric acid from your body.


If you decide to make juice; use fresh organic cherries when they are available. Wash the cherries prior to juicing them. I recommend purchasing organic cherries when available; as non- organic cherries are sprayed heavily with pesticides and other contaminants. Pesticides from non-organic produce may aggravate your symptoms and are harmful in general.

Frozen cherries retain the healing properties of fresh cherries. They are available year round; and are generally less costly than fresh cherries. Frozen organic cherries are easier to obtain than fresh organic cherries. If I had to choose between using fresh non- organic cherries and frozen organic cherries, I would choose frozen organic cherries for juice making.

Dark-Colored Cherries Are Best

Eating a wide array of intensely colored fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways which we can be assured that we are consuming a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and other healing compounds which nature has to offer. I prefer dark colored varieties of cherries, such as Bing, over the lighter colored ones.

Dark colored fruits and vegetables contain concentrated amounts of health boosting plant pigments. Foods with purple pigments are usually less common in our diets than other colors; such as yellow or green. Eating berries, cherries, grapes, and plums gives us opportunities to reap the unique healing phytochemicals from these tasty delights.

If you choose to juice your own cherries, any type of juicer will work. I prefer to use a blender rather than a juicer as more of the fiber is usually retained. Some of the more expensive juicers do retain fiber as well.

I recommend that you consume a minimum of one liter of cherry juice per day during acute gout flare ups; and a half liter daily for the prevention of symptoms.

Blueberry Juice Relieves Gout Symptoms

Like cherry juice, blueberry juice is alkaline. Blueberries and their cousins, bilberries, are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs to function optimally. Compounds in blueberries and their juice reduce inflammation and help rid the body of uric acid and toxins which cause pain and joint damage. The concentration of healing compounds is higher in bilberries than in blueberries; but both are excellent healers. I recommend drinking at least one ¼ of a liter daily of juice or consuming one or two cupfuls of blueberries daily. Organic is best. If purchasing juice, read the label carefully. Many blueberry juices are blended with other, less healing fruits. You may need to obtain commercial blueberry juice from a health food store.

Juice Strawberries for Pain Relief

Strawberries are another alkaline fruit. In addition to alkalizing properties; strawberries contain a compound called salicin. Salicin is similar to aspirin. It reduces inflammation and pain. Unlike Aspirin, salicin does not cause stomach irritation; nor does it have any impact on the body’s blood clotting actions.

Strawberries possess diuretic properties. Diuretics enhance urine formation and elimination. These actions help to flush excess uric acid out of your body.

Strawberry juice is a bit more difficult to find. Fortunately, frozen strawberries are available year round. If possible; use fresh strawberries for juice making. They are so much tastier! If you purchase frozen berries for juice making; read the ingredient list carefully, as many frozen strawberries are packed with large amounts of sugar.

Make a Strawberry Smoothie

I recommend blending 250 ml of frozen strawberries with one half of a frozen banana for a delicious morning smoothie. You may need to thin the smoothie with cherry juice, yogurt, soy or other milk.

Add ginger or turmeric to your smoothie. Fresh is best; however dried ginger or turmeric works too. You may juice the fresh root. If you are using your blender and don’t want to take out your juicer; try putting a piece of root through a hand held garlic press. It extracts the juice well.

Ginger improves circulation and relieves pain. Enhanced circulation facilitates the removal of uric acid crystals from your body. Ginger enhances the health of your entire body.

Turmeric is rich in yellow plant pigments which prevent illness and support wellbeing. It contains a compound which inhibits the formation of prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins are involved in the inflammation processes of your body. By inhibiting prostaglandin formation, you will experience a reduction in swelling, joint redness, and pain.

Turmeric stimulates your body’s production of cortisone. Cortisone is a potent reliever of inflammation and pain. It is produced in your adrenal glands. When you live with a chronic condition, such as gout; your adrenal glands get overworked. You may become fatigued and your resistance to other illnesses may decrease. You might feel anxious, stressed, or depressed.

Including turmeric in your juice and diet may do much more than relieve joint pain. It may you feel more energetic, improve your resistance to illness, and elevate your outlook on life.

Pineapple Juice Contains Bromelain

Bromelain is an enzyme which can relieve swelling and discomfort associated with gout. Include pineapple or pineapple juice in your diet at least a couple of times each week.

The most concentrated amounts of bromelain are found in pineapple stems, tops, and outer “skin”.  In order to reap the full benefits of pineapple juice, you will need to process the entire pineapple, minus the top, in a powerful, expensive juicer because the pineapple is so fibrous. An easier method is to simmer the pineapple trimmings in a pan with just enough water to cover them. Simmer them for half an hour, covered. Remove the pan from the stove. After one hour strain out the plant parts .Compost or discard the solids. Drink the tea as desired. It may be consumed warm or cold.

If you do not have a powerful juicer; you can make tasty, effective juice from the more edible pineapple parts. Try juicing ¼ of a pineapple with four stalks of celery. Celery reduces uric acid levels in your body. This combination makes a light, fresh tasting blend which is delicious over ice.

Juicing and Gout

Juices are an effective part of a plan to help prevent and relieve gout flare-ups.  They can help to reduce pain, and inflammation. All of these juices are packed with healing plant compounds which vitalize your entire body. Try blending several of the juices together for tasty treats that your whole family will enjoy.

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