The Relationship Between Gout and Hypertension

The Relationship Between Gout and Hypertension

Gout and Hypertension

If you have gout as a diagnosis, you may also have hypertension as well.  It is estimated that approximately three-quarters of patients that have gout also have high blood pressure, according to statistics from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 2007-2008.  A possible reason behind the relationship between the two conditions may be from changes in the kidneys from the hypertension leading to a decrease in the excretion of the uric acid.  When the renal blood flow is compromised, it leads to the vascular resistance of urate.  A buildup of the uric acid is what causes gout to come about.

If you take antihypertensive drugs and suffer from gout, you will want to check out whether they can be aggravating your gout.  Certain ones, like beta blockers, can cause the uric acid to increase in your body.  You should see if you can go on calcium channel blockers and losartan to help lower these uric acid levels, so that you have a less likelihood of having gout episodes.

Things You Can Do To Control Gout and Hypertension

You can control both gout and hypertension to a certain degree.  Lifestyle habits that support reducing gout episodes and lowering high blood pressure are attainable.  Many patients need to be on medications for both conditions.  As mentioned before, certain blood pressure medications will need to be prescribed.

A person with gout and high blood pressure need to follow the same type of lifestyle modifications to keep the diseases controlled.  It is best for anyone to practice these tips to prevent the conditions as well:


  • Drink plenty of fluids, ideally water. Water cleanses and flushes away excess waste products out of your body, including uric acid.
  • Lose weight if you are overweight; don’t go on a low-carb diet to lose weight quickly, however. Ketones can form and cause an elevation of uric acid in your blood.
  • Keep alcohol consumption at a minimum; it raises the uric acid levels in your body.
  • If you smoke, find a smoke cessation program that works for you
  • Ask your doctor about medications or vitamins you take. Some are known to cause elevated levels of uric acid in your system.

Be sure to stay away from foods containing a high level of purine.  These foods include dried beans and peas, sardines, mushrooms, and asparagus. You can find a full list of foods high in purine on the Internet.

See your doctor regularly about your hypertension and gout condition.  He or she will know how to help you control your hypertension and gout through proper medication therapy and lifestyle interventions.  If your gout is caused from your hypertension medication, you may find it goes away from changing medication.


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Dec 16, 2014
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