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With over 25 years of experience in treating patients from an alternative health perspective, Dr. Donna Schwontkowski offers insight into how to use natural methods of healing to significantly improve your health.

Her background includes being a retired chiropractor, a dietitian in charge of nursing home residents’ nutritional needs, a clinical nutritionist, and a Master Herbalist.

Donna's Work

Reducing Tophi in Gout

How Gout Sufferers Can Reduce Tophi Crystals

Reducing tophi really comes down to controlling the disease in its chronic state. This can be achieved in several ways.
by Donna Schwontkowski on December 9, 2014
Gout in Women

Why Does Gout Occur in Women?

If you are a woman with gout, the most important thing you can do is clean out your cabinets of any and all foods that contain high fructose corn syrup.
by Donna Schwontkowski on December 2, 2014
Benefits of Vegetables

Enjoying the Benefits of Vegetables for Gout

Some benefits of vegetables include high fiber, vitamins, and minerals, as well as acting as a detoxifier and reducing high uric acid levels in the body.
by Donna Schwontkowski on November 4, 2014
How to Eat More Vegetables

Three Healthy Salads for Gout Sufferers

When you have gout, something in your diet is way out of balance. In many people, it comes down to learning how to eat more vegetables.
by Donna Schwontkowski on September 22, 2014
Smoothies for Gout

What are the Best Smoothies to Include in Your Gout Diet?

The best smoothies for gout calm down the your gout and increase the excretion of uric acid.
by Donna Schwontkowski on September 15, 2014
Gout Massage

3 Types of Massage That May Help Those with Gout

Massage can help those suffering from gout by increasing circulation, improving range of motion in the joints and decreasing inflammation.
by Donna Schwontkowski on August 25, 2014
Acupressure for Gout

Try These Acupressure Points for the Treatment of Gout

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that the modern diet is too rich and also that there is a disturbance of both the spleen and kidneys.
by Donna Schwontkowski on August 11, 2014
Herbs to Treat Gout

How to Use Herbs to Improve Health If You Have Gout

With gout, you need an herb that is going to be very specific and decrease uric acid crystals that are accumulating in the body.
by Donna Schwontkowski on July 10, 2014
July 4th Without Gout Flares

Enjoying the July 4th Holiday Without a Gout Attack

The pain from gout flare ups last for hours on end. Why not do whatever you can to prevent another attack for this upcoming holiday?
by Donna Schwontkowski on June 24, 2014
Vitamins for Gout

Taking Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid Other Vitamins for Gout

One of the things you may not have heard yet is that Vitamin C, pantothenic acid and other vitamins for gout are important to help prevent flare-ups.
by Donna Schwontkowski on June 10, 2014