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Gout and Dehydration: How Dehydration Interferes with Gout Management

Gout and Dehydration

Living with gout is no picnic, but there are certain things that can turn it into an ongoing nightmare. Purine-rich foods, alcohol, and sugar are all known to send your uric acid levels through the roof, but they’re not the only culprits when it comes to painful inflammation in the joints. In fact, one major cause of gout attacks is also one that is very easily overlooked. Many people don’t get enough water each day to...

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One Step Closer to a Gout Cure

In-Depth Research Takes Us One Step Closer to a Cure for Gout

Recent research on a cure for Gout shows that if Gout is explained clearly to patients and physicians, 90% of patients will receive effective treatment.
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Gout Research Study

Getting Involved in Current Gout Research Studies

Talk to your doctor and ask how you can benefit from participating in a gout research study, and which type of study they would suggest for you.
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How Do Cherries Affect Gout

Eating Cherries Lowers Your Gout Attack Risk

Cherries were suspected of being able to lower uric acid and reduce inflammation, but no rigorous studies have been conducted to confirm the effectiveness.
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