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Gout Swelling: Gout Swelling Can Be Prevented And Treated At Home

Gout Swelling

Gout swelling can be treated just by knowing what it is caused by.  For instance, if you eat too much red meat, your joints may become swollen.  Therefore, you know you need to restrict your red meat consumption. Other culprits you should stay away from are: Aspirin Alcohol Oily fish Liver and other organ meats Yeast You should also stay hydrated; dehydration can bring on swelling from gout, because it makes the uric acid in your...

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Natural Remedies for Gout

Non-Medication Strategies for Coping With Gout

Whether you incorporate one or all of these natural remedies for gout into your daily routine, you may find you have fewer exacerbations and less pain.
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Gout Treatment Options to Consider

Pros and Cons of Various Treatment Options for Gout

In a survey, two-thirds of gout patients said their doctors weren't treating their condition seriously. Learn more about gout treatment and take control!
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Gout Swelling

Gout Swelling Can Be Prevented And Treated At Home

Gout swelling can be treated just by knowing what it is caused by. For instance, if you eat too much red meat, your joints may become swollen.
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Chronic Gout vs. Acute Gout

How Acute Gout Treatment Differs From Chronic Gout

Gout is a form of arthritis characterized by two forms: acute and chronic gout. The acute gout attacks develop suddenly and last short periods of time.
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Gout and Dairy

How Dairy Products Positively Impact Gout Symptoms

There are many benefits of dairy. Dairy not only helps improve gout, but it has shown to help prevent this condition from occurring in the first place.
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Juvenile Gout

Causes, Symptoms and Effective Treatments for Juvenile Gout

Genetics often play a big role in gout, but fortunately, treatment for the underlying condition can eradicate the gout in children, too.
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Herbal Remedies for Gout

Herbal and Natural Remedies for Gout

Overall, herbal remedies for gout have a solid safety profile and can help strengthen your health, including the joints affected by gout.
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Gout Massage

3 Types of Massage That May Help Those with Gout

Massage can help those suffering from gout by increasing circulation, improving range of motion in the joints and decreasing inflammation.
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Acupressure for Gout

Try These Acupressure Points for the Treatment of Gout

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that the modern diet is too rich and also that there is a disturbance of both the spleen and kidneys.
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Gout and Knee Replacements

Is a Knee Replacement With Gout Right for Me?

Knee replacement surgery may be needed in cases when uric acid crystals cause too much damage to the joint and medication fails to improve the symptoms.
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