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Gout and Dehydration: How Dehydration Interferes with Gout Management

Gout and Dehydration

Living with gout is no picnic, but there are certain things that can turn it into an ongoing nightmare. Purine-rich foods, alcohol, and sugar are all known to send your uric acid levels through the roof, but they’re not the only culprits when it comes to painful inflammation in the joints. In fact, one major cause of gout attacks is also one that is very easily overlooked. Many people don’t get enough water each day to...

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Sleep Apnea and Gout

What’s the Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Gout?

If you have gout and you wake up exhausted on a regular basis, it is possible you have sleep apnea. Learn more on how to manage sleep apnea and gout.
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Gout and Alcohol

Pros, Cons, and Precautions to Take With Gout and Alcohol

Before you join in on happy hour, consider how gout and alcohol interact, and whether or not the risks outweigh the benefits of a tipple now and again.
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Possible Gout and Kidney Complications

Understanding the Connection Between Gout and Kidney Problems

Gout and kidney issues are quite common. Learn how gout, uric acid and kidney function are related to protect against painful, damaging complications.
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Gout and Dehydration

How Dehydration Interferes with Gout Management

Living with gout is no picnic, and dehydration can make things worse. Find out why gout and dehydration don't mix, and some ideas for keeping hydrated.
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Gout and Eye Problems

Understand the Link to Gout and Eye Issues to Avoid Complications

Although gout affects primarily the joints, it is possible that the uric acid excess can build in other tissues as well, including the eyes.
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Gout and Cognitive Function

Does Gout Impact the Brain and Cognitive Function?

Is there any association between gout and your cognitive function? Researchers are still in the process of understanding this link.
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Gout and Hypertension

The Relationship Between Gout and Hypertension

See your doctor regularly about your gout and hypertension. He will know how to help you control your conditions through medication and lifestyle changes.
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Gout Complications

Preventing and Managing Gout Complications

If you suffer from gout you are mostly concerned about preventing and managing gout complications, since the joint pain is so intense during these episodes.
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Gout and Heart Disease

Know Your Risk of Heart Disease and How to Lower It

The relationship between gout and heart disease are clear: patients with gout have twice the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.
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Gout and Diabetes

Understanding the Link and Minimizing Symptoms

Gout and diabetes are strongly linked, and together they can produce an unwelcome and unhealthy mix of symptoms.
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